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Surgical Abortions

There are three types of surgical abortion offered at each facility.

D&C The D is for dilation or the stretching of the cervix, the small opening into the body of the uterus to allow access to the body of the uterus.  The C is for curettage, the removal of the contents of the usters with a sharp hollow spoon shaped instrument.  In the last 30 years the addition of suction with the curettage has greatly reduced post operative infections and other complications. The  D&C abortion is same as the “D&C” doctors use to “freshen-up” the lining of the uterus in cases of infertility.  In the last 30 years suction had been added to the D&C to increase the removal of the tissue “scraped”of the uterine wall.  This type of abortion is used up to 12 to 15 weeks in most clinics.

D&E The D again is for dilation.  The E stand for evacuation or the emptying of the uterus with forceps, small clamps designed to remove the fetus from the uterus.  This technique can be used up to viability.

D&I The D again stands for dilation, but this dilation is done slowly with laminaria, or small sea weed sitcks, that are inserted into the cervix and allowed to slowly expand by absorbing water from the cervix.  The I stands for induction.  When the cervix has opened adequately, then labor is induced and the pregnancy is allowed to deliver naturally.