Maternal Health Abortions

Abortions for Maternal Indications

Maternal Indication abortions are allowed when the need is to protect the life or the health of the mother. Both the "Roe v. Wade" and "Doe v. Bolton" Supreme Court decisions allow abortions at any gestation to preserve the life and the health of the mother and at any gestation, when the fetus is not viable.

Regardless of the reason for abortion, the earlier an abortion is performed, the less risk to the mother. However, this risk is never of significance to justify making a hurried, unresolved choice. The risks of the most advanced abortions, are much less than the risks associated with carrying the pregnancy to term. Our most common reasons for referrals for advance care is the very late diagnosis of a pregnancy in a woman with a severely compromising medical condition, very young maternal age, rape and incest. Since October 15, 2010, abortions after the 22nd menstrual week, are currently not available in Nebraska. We are sure that this restriction violates the Supreme Court Decision. Avenues for challenging this absurd law are being explored.

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