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Inthe United States, one in every thirty-three children is born with a birth defect.  One third of these defects involve deformities of the heart.  Most defects are mild and are surgically and/or medically manageable. However, for a few, the outlook is bleak. Some will be severely challenged for life, some will survive for only a very limited time and a few will not survive even a Caesarian delivery.If you are reading this page it is likely that you or your loved ones have to plan how to handle a severely compromised pregnancy.  We are sorry and would like to offer you our most sincere condolences.  Should you decide to spare you child a lifetime of suffering and pain, our staff and our chaplain are available to help you thru all your probleThe “Roe v. Wade” and “Doe v. Bolton” US Supreme Court decisions, confirmed the right for women carrying pregnancies that cannot survive, to choose termination at any gestation.  Often the decision to terminate is made late in the pregnancy due to many causes.  Most commonly it is the amount of time needed to assure the right decision is made.  At ACCON there are no artificial gestational limits, to force you into a hurried decision.  There is always time to make the right decision.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, trained in abortion practice in Pittsburgh, PA .  Since 1998, Dr. Carhart worked with George Tiller  of Wichita, Kansas as a staff physician.  Dr. Carhart is one of the most experienced late second and third trimester abortion providers in the United States.  With the assassination of Dr. Tiller, Dr. Carhart and members of the staff from Wichita, KS moved their practice to Bellevue, with the promise to carry on the mission of “Team Tiller.”

Whe your decision has been made that abortion is the correct choice for your compromised pregnancy, ACCON is ready to help you.  The services available for fetal indication terminations include,

Resources for Reading

Online Resources:


Parents’ stories about diagnosis, decision making, heartache, healing.

The Compassionate Friends is a website of resources for parents, friends, and clergy of those who have suffered pregnancy loss

"Healing from Miscarriage" brochure on miscarriage, includes the "healing bill of rights."

Centering Corporation – offers a catalogue of resources on dealing with grief, including resources on pregnancy loss and infant death, links to other web sites.

Pregnancy support network that offers a newsletter, chat rooms, events, and facts about miscarriage.

Information on prevention, health concerns, and science based explanations.

We wish to thank Rabbi Bonnie Margulis for these references.

Unfortunately abortions after the 22nd menstrual week of pregnancy are not available in NEBRASKA.

Abortions for Fetal Indications